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Artwork by Rod Holt


Image based on a photograph of a reflection of myself in a distorting mirror. What is reflected is re-shaped, magnified, subtracted. I am also retelling this tale, my story, and my recollections. How “true” they are to what actually occurred depends upon my reliability as a witness and my ability to recall the memories. Maybe I don’t wish to be truthful – maybe I am unable to be truly honest? There are things I would rather not remember, though I have and other things I feel I ought to have experienced which I didn’t, and feel their absence. Its only now, with the filter of time, and the desire to present my experiences in a form for others to access, that I can detach myself from the “I” that was engaged upon this idiosyncratic journey, into an objective character whose story I’m free to pass on.

Journey: Reflection

Picture Size

Original: 58 mm x 58 mm (1.5" x 1.5")

Size Diagram


Ballpoint Pen
Watercolour Pencil

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