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Artwork by Rod Holt

Maude and Charlie

My second night on the road and a visit to my old school teacher (and her husband) Maude and Charlie Belfield at their home on the Welsh borders. Maude is a remarkable woman, who began teaching in 1938. She was the first person outside my family to take my artistic abilities seriously.

In the morning, Maude made me a lovely breakfast and I took a picture of her and Charlie in the garden, daffodils dancing in the spring sunshine. As I left, she gave me an important piece of advice for travelling – that I should always let my previous night’s host know that I’d arrived safely at my next destination.

25 years later, I was able to present Maude, now 90 and 15 years a widow, with a copy of the picture.

No ambiguity here – it’s a straight-forward picture, done out of respect and affection for Maude.

Journey: Maude and Charlie

Picture Size

Original: 58 mm x 58 mm (1.5" x 1.5")

Size Diagram


Ballpoint Pen
Watercolour Pencil

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