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Artwork by Rod Holt


On my second day in Bezier after some sketching I was invited to visit the market with Wilfried. I became aware of a pretty girl working at one of the stalls on the fish market and I managed to get chatting to her. Believe or not we arranged to meet later.

It didn't happen that day but eventually I did meet up with the pretty girl again for a coffee, she was called Rosalie (although Wifried had nicknamed her 'anchoie').

"Well, at one o'clock I met the girl, seemed great apart from chain smoking, not so clever teeth and lots and lots of makeup......just my type!!!."

Wilfried informed me that the local rugby playing youths had a tradition of enticing the tourists to nightclubs down the coast, with the help of their pretty girlfriends with lots of body glitter and not so clever teeth. Getting them drunk then leaving them fleeced on the beach.

Journey: Anchoie

Picture Size

Original: 58 mm x 58 mm (1.5" x 1.5")

Size Diagram


Ballpoint Pen
Watercolour Pencil

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