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Artwork by Rod Holt

Water Over the Edge

The title derives from the ancient origins of the name Kinder Scout, thought to arise from a combination of Old Norse “scuti” meaning over-hanging rock and Saxon, describing the fall of water over the rocky edge. A beautiful, even mystical place: it is familiar and yet retains an air of mystery.

I have tried to get an unusual perspective from behind the curtain of water and captures the wind infused spray from the Downfall; blowing over the smooth, ice crusted rocks.

Please note that there is a minimum order of 5 greeting cards

Water Over the Edge Signed Limited Edition Print WOTEL £95.00
Water Over the Edge Greeting Card WOTEC £1.00

Picture Size

Picture: 362 mm x 212 mm (14" x 8.5")
Paper: 470 mm x 335 mm (18.25" x 13.25")

Size Diagram


Ballpoint Pen

Watercolour Pencils.

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