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Artwork by Rod Holt


The lone runner appears from the mist, checking his map and pausing for a moment to contemplate the weathered remains of the wrecked aircraft.

The B-29 superfortress "Overexposed" crashed into the moors of Bleaklow (at Higher Shelf Stones) in November 1948: all the crew members perished.

There is a stark and poignant beauty to the wreck, scattered over the peaty moorland of the Dark Peak, where the unforgiving conditions can lead to over-exposure of another kind.

Winner of the Derbyshire Open Arts Competition 2007

Overexposed Signed Limited Edition Print OVEXP £95.00

Picture Size

Picture: 345 mm x 126 mm (13.5" x 5")
Paper: 445 mm x 230 mm (17.5" x 9")

Size Diagram


Ballpoint Pen

Watercolour Pencil

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